About Us

Here’s the idea. It’s really quite simple:

To make cheap healthy meals for you and your family.

Maybe you are put off the thought of cooking from scratch.  After all, not everybody has the skill to do this.  Some people may have lost the knack, others never had or even needed it.  So a group of us, who all enjoy cooking, got together and started the cooking workshops to help people make meals in a friendly setting where we were all in it together.

On Fridays during the school term we prepare the Park Church Community Centre ready for our session. We set out tables and chairs for coffee whilst nearby the large tables are set out with everything needed for the preparation of the meal of the day -chopping boards, peelers, vegetable knives and all our ingredients.

Those arriving for the cookery workshop meet each other over coffee and then we get started on this week’s recipe.

We provide all the equipment – aprons, utensils, cooking ingredients and table ware.

All we need to make it a success is YOU.

Each recipe serves a minimum of 2 people so we work in pairs to prepare the ingredients. There’s peeling and chopping and quite a bit of chatting as we work out what to do.  And as we work, we get to know each another.

By 12ish, the one-pot meal is ready to eat and we sit down to enjoy the food we have cooked together.  At this point other folk may arrive to join us.  No matter how many are seated around the table – there is always enough for everyone!

And so we are making new friends and enjoying each other’s company.
As one of our cooks remarked:

“Those who aren’t here are missing a real treat.”

We meet every Friday at the Park Church Community Centre in Chelmsford Street.
We can accommodate pre – school children and up to 10 adults at each workshop and we look forward to seeing you there.

So don’t miss out why not come and join us?